Fastlink B.M.S is a government liaison and business establishment expert. With 21 years of collective experience in the UAE, we have facilitated the establishment of numerous worldwide multi-national corporations and eectively managed all their business-government requirements.

Our mission is to take the hassle out of business by consistently providing superior services designed to put our clients at ease. And with unparalleled depth of both functional and industrial expertise, we not only help clients enter the UAE market with condence and poise but also build their capabilities for the future. Our knowledge, expertise, local insight and passion allow us to address governmental challenges that no one else can.


Nothing beats knowing your territory inside out - a business fundamental that is often taken for granted. Hence, we recognize the two primary elements that sit on an equally important scale: expertise in diverse industries & solid ties & understanding of Government operations.Government agencies are among the most complex organizations in nearly every country in the world.They are often large, have multiple objectives & have intricate & numerous regulations & procedures that are frequently updated.

With this consideration at the heart of our business - Fastlink B.M.S. has gained a profound understanding of the regulations & procedures, constantly remaining up to date and building enduring relationships with the public sector departments to provide our clients with a superior advantage.Our clients benefit from our experience in a wide array of sectors as well as from our diverse functional capabilities. Our experience in such diverse industries as hospitality & oil & gas allows us to handle the most profound & urgent challenges of our day.


Our first hand experience gained from serving clients throughout our nearly 21 years has allowed us to gain insight, in depth understanding and expertise in the following industries: Our exertise in divers industries enabled us to build a valuable knoledge bank that clients can benefit from.

  • Oil & Gas
  • Architecture & Engineering
  • Construction & Contraction
  • Technology & Industrials
  • General Trading & Shipping
  • Financial Services & Consulting

Our exertise in divers industries enabled us to build a valuable knoledge bank that clients can benefit from.


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