The Ministry of Labour has appointed several agents to operate in all of the emirates regardless of their physical location. The duties of a Tas’Heel agent are vital in managing the system successfully and those include:

  • Registering new users & providing them with User ID and Password.

  • Providing technical support & assistance.

  • Training clients on using the Tas’heel online system.

  • Preparing the archives in order to be picked up by Ministry of Labour.

  • Ensuring error free transactions are being carried out by every client trained on the program.

  • Picking up the physical applications, sorting the documents and archiving them using the metro-ling system.


Benet from our services and register now for a hassle-free service. To register with us, please click here to open an online llable form. You will be required to attach a color scanned copy of the following documents:

  • Company Trade License

  • Company Establishment Card/s

  • Company Signatory Card/s


Fastlink provides all its clients with intensive training opportunities geared towards maximizing eciency and eectiveness at using the Tas’Heel system. Our aim is to improve capabilities for our clients to master using the system that would ensure error-free transactions. We also oer an extensive a step-by-step user manual specically designed to help our clients and guide them at all times. To request a training session, please click here.


It is important for us to be available to assist you at all times. If you require technical support, please do not hesitate to call us or email us:

+971 4 3449222

Palace Tower, Office-1001,
Silicon Oasis, Dubai-UAE


Fastlink understands the value of time to your business and that is why Fastlink prides itself with accurately and consistently picking our clients’ documents on time. Our schedule includes collecting documents 6 days a week (excluding Fridays) to give you more opportunities to submit documents. To learn more about the collection schedule, please contact us.


Tas’Heel Scanners & Barcode Readers are available upon request. Installation and support is provided by Fastlink free of charge. To order a Scanner or Barcode Reader, please click here.


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